A collection of games made by Luciano from 2016 to 2022. For his 14th birthday, this game was made!

It collects the games he made each year during the time period.

Currently, Volume 2016 is finished, featuring games he made in 2016.

Hay una versión en español en el paquete ZIP.

Install instructions

Download the ZIP named Luciano14-2016.zip. Then extract the ROM in your language and then run it in a Game Boy emulator of choice.

The game is designed with GB Studio for the Game Boy Color in mind, although it is also compatible with the monochrome Game Boy and also provides different 4-color palettes and border when played on the Super Game Boy. It is recommended to play this in GBC mode for less slowdown and for full color.

Luciano14_Pocket.zip is a version designed for Analogue Pocket.


Luciano14_Pocket.zip 132 kB
Luciano14-2016.zip 263 kB


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burn it on a gba carriage